Mental Health News Pickup for 24 June 2007

Daily Mental Health News Pick Up

From New Zealand

It's a very interesting article starting with about Paul Holmes's daughter.
But I'm not so sure about the last part.
I think people wouldn't be necessarily struggle in the communities IF we have communities with very good understanding and support towards people with mental health problems including addiction.
Health Story - Deborah Coddington: System disgracefully neglects addicts
5:00AM Sunday June 24, 2007 By Deborah Coddington (New Zealand Herald - New Zealand)
I supported a friend through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. That person, probably like Millie, had gone downhill for some time. I just thought it was bad behaviour. I didn't understand addiction is a disease like diabetes or heart disease, except addicts in New Zealand have few places to go for help.
Like anyone else with mental health problems, they're disgracefully neglected...
...We can change the lives for addicts, if only a government has the courage to reverse recent policies of chucking the mentally ill out into communities to struggle...

I hope research will be continued on eating disorders and effective treatment options for the disorders will be found soon...
Anorexia patient's plea for help
By LOUISA GAULT - Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 24 June 2007 ( - Wellington,New Zealand)
A Christchurch actor is calling for better access to treatment for sufferers of chronic anorexia nervosa...
Although up to 5 per cent of woman in New Zealand are thought to have an eating disorder, there are only 13 beds nationwide for anorexia sufferers...

From the World

I like the following words.
I think they are really powerful.
Mental health and wellness targeted at annual conference
Wednesday June 23-24, 2007 (Mid-Hudson News - Newburgh,NY,USA)
...“A diagnosis of a serious mental illness is no longer necessarily a life sentence,” he said. “We now understand that even people with a serious mental illness, while they may remain ill, can have a very good life if they can figure out how to cope with that illness.”...

I have empathy with mental health consumers medical situations.
I have my own experience with a GP in Christchurch that I was told I don't need screening for Breast Cancer because I am an Asian (Japanese)!
Unfortunately, there are so many breast cancer patients in Japan today and the breast cancer is no longer Western culture's disease. But you know, some doctors are so stereotyped and have racial prejudice towards Asian.
Of course I'm no longer seeing the doctor and luckily my current GP does listen to me and treat me without any prejudice.
Doctors Are Prejudiced Against Patients With Mental Health Disorders
Psychology / Psychiatry News Article Date: 23 Jun 2007 - 1:00 PDT(Medical News Today (press release) - UK)
People who are ill and have psychiatric disorders are not treated as effectively by doctors compared to those who have no mental health problems...
...Said Dr Mitchell: "...but the more powerful reason is that once the medical team knows a patient has psychiatric problem, they give them poorer quality of care.
"Doctors don't like dealing with patients with psychiatric problems. They view them as different and they spend les time with them. They don't offer the patient the same intensity of investigation as the non mentally-ill patient. It's prejudicial treatment."...

We have increasing aging population and I think acknowledging existing problems or possible problems is vital for our future.
Invisible Epidemic Of Pensioner Drug Users

Seniors / Aging News Article Date: 22 Jun 2007 - 1:00 PDT(Medical News Today (press release) - UK)
An "invisible epidemic" of pensioners who misuse drugs is being ignored by mental health services, despite the fact that treatments work just as well for the over sixties, as for younger people...